Discover the covered bridges

Bennington county Vermont

Bennington County is fortunate enough to have five historic covered bridges, and they can all be explored in a single afternoon.  These beautiful feats of engineering offer a one-of-a-kind look into a bygone age.

Silk road covered bridge

A bridge has spanned the Walloomsac in this location since 1790, but the current Silk Road covered bridge was built in 1840. It is the oldest covered bridge still standing in Bennington County.

Paper Mill covered bridge

The current Paper Mill Covered Bridge was built in 2000 and is a replacement of the original that was built in 1889. This is a Town lattice truss spanning 122 feet along Murphy Road.

Burt Henry covered bridge

The original covered bridge was a double-span, built in 1840, but was entirely replaced as a single-span in 1989. This location has been an important crossing since early colonial times.

Chiselville covered Bridge

The Chiselville Covered Bridge was built in 1870. It sits almost 40 feet above the Roaring Branch River. The bridge experienced a brief moment of fame in the 1987 movie Baby Boom.

Arlington Green Covered Bridge

One of Vermont’s most popular covered bridges, the Arlington Green Covered Bridge (1852) is part of a pastoral landscape of an almost forgotten era. The bridge, along with the local church and a historic inn nearby, is often featured on postcards and calendars.